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There are cases that due to their incredible importance require deeper focus. There are cases in which good is just not enough and in order to achieve great, you have to rethink the entire approach. Your health is one of them.

The amount of people who are affected by the poor quality of indoor air is continuously increasing. It is accompanied by a whole spectrum of various symptoms, such as malaise, fatigue, headaches, asthenia, sore throats or eyes. Spending time in contaminated places may lead to allergy,and even asthma, caused by volatile organic compound (VOC) or smoke poisoning.

Research shows that adults spend on average about 80–90% of their life indoors. When considering children, ill people and elders, the period is even longer. This means that the least immune people are the most vulnerable to the detrimental components of indoor air. Many teams of medical doctors and health-related researchers are certain that this is one of the main causes of the aforementioned symptoms. The bad influence on our health is explained by the revolution in building technology and the current trends to save as much energy as possible. While this indeed is a trend appreciated by everyone including us, we challenged ourselves to see the other side of the coin. This led our team to develop oort Air Quality Monitor.

oort Air Quality Monitor is a state-of-the-art device that cares about one of the most crucial values in everyone’s life – health. It is not just one sensor but a extensive set of many high-precision sensors working simultaneously that our engineers managed to put together. oort Air Quality Monitor features a temperature sensor, a humidity sensor and most importantly the volatile organic compound sensor (patent pending), invented by one of our most talented engineers, Mateusz Zelek. Thanks to all that, you can implement the proven strategy called „seek-and-destroy”. It is indeed the only effective way of fighting bad quality indoor air. You can monitor air parameters and if needed react quickly by performing a complete cleanup of your home or office, or just opening the windows. Moreover, real-time monitoring can be done from virtually anywhere, because oort Air Quality Monitor can be connected to the Internet.

However, there is more to that. The sensors are centered around the core that dynamically analyses the gathered data and then changes the color of the device accordingly. The results are uploaded to the cloud so you can access them on your mobile device using our oort app or directly through your desktop web browser. This allows you to generate extensive reports, full of beautiful infographic elements to help you with evaluation. Its unique, polycarbonate design and beautiful finishes are executed to an extraordinary level of precision.

Everything we design we design with simplicity in minds. While working on such advanced device, we made sure that it’s so easy to use that it can quickly become a vital companion to your everyday life. And we hope it will, because it helps you stay healthy.

6/10, Kickstarter. Keep that in mind.


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